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Do you struggle to find the perfect words or sentiments for your cards? They are some of the most important things to include on a handmade card, and sometimes it's just difficult to come up with them. CardMaker has come to the rescue with a collection you are definitely going to want to have in your crafting inventory.

As we usually share words, sentiments and quotes in this section, I wanted to share with you a new publication from CardMaker that is titled The Perfect Sentiments. It includes more than 750 timeless quotes and sentiments to complement your handmade card designs or to complete memory pages capturing treasured family events. This publication is available in hard copy or by electronic download. I thought I would share just a couple with you from this great publication!

When the world says "give up," hope whispers "give it one more try."
Hugs and prayers from someone who cares.
Creatively yours,

Sharon M. Reinhart
Editor, CardMaker update

Sharon M. Reinhart is a multimedia designer, demonstrator, teacher and author within the creative industries. Her work is showcased in leading publications including magazines, her online class/DVD Fabulous Paper Folds, multi-designer books, and her own books, Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons, Iris Folding for Life's Special Moments, Iris Folding for Christmas and The Card Gallery. Manufacturers have utilized her work in advertisements, project sheets, classes, booth displays and on websites.

Although Sharon works with a variety of mediums within her design career, she is particularly fond of paper crafting and feels fortunate to be able to work in such an exciting and creative industry. She looks forward to the continued opportunity of helping to inspire others through her work.

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