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Supplies are sometimes difficult to find; however, if we reach out to fellow crafters they usually can give us a great deal of information and help. Sometimes, what is easily available in one area is not the case in all areas. We have a reader reaching out for information on where she can get specific supplies.

Sandy C. writes: "Where can I buy wooden embellishments like the ones you showed in the Aug. 14 update? I love these types of cards. Thank you!"

Editor's Comment
So glad that you liked the cards from my update about wooden embellishments! One store that I have found that stocks a pretty good selection of wooden embellishments, from words to frames and images, is Michaels. In fact, the ones used on the cards were from Michaels. Kaisercraft is another company that has a wonderful assortment and is often available at local craft stores. Check out their website to see the variety they have. I hope this helps you in your quest.
-- Sharon

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